GENERAL IDEA 1969-1994



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How to read the catalogue entries
All works are by General Idea unless attributed to a specific member of General Idea (AA Bronson a.k.a. Michael Tims; Felix Partz a.k.a. Ron Gabe; Jorge Zontal a.k.a. George Saia and Jorge Saia).
The works are arranged by number. Each work's four-digit number consists of the last two digits of the year of its creation followed by a two-digit item number. The works are in alphabetical order within each year.
In general, details for each entry are arranged as follows: number of the work, title of the work, date of the work, medium followed by dimensions (in millimetres, height by width by depth), edition information followed by signature and numbering information as known, and publishing information. Most entries are concluded by short explanatory notes, followed by cross-references to related items, when applicable.
Abbreviations used are as follows: a.k.a. = also known as; A/P = artist's proof; (diam.) = diameter; H/C = hors de commerce; mm = millimetres; P/P = printer's proof; pp. = pages.